Eligibility Criteria
Being aged between 18 and 35 years old;
Being citizen of one of the following groups of countries:
European Union
EU candidate or potential candidate countries
EU Neighborhood countries
EFTA countries
Level of English language at least equal to B2

Number of participants
130 young and passionate individuals with a variety of academic, professional, cultural, and geographical backgrounds.

Items needed for your application
Your CV

Selection criteria
In addition to the assessment of these items (to be submitted in the application form), successful applications will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Interest and/or curiosity towards the European project. We are looking for citizens who are eager to contribute to the relevant discussions for Europe’s future. Being an academic expert on European affairs is not a requirement to join the Agora.
Adherence to the values of reciprocal respect and tolerance, as well as a willingness to listen, engage and exchange with people that think differently;
Diversity of past experience, culture, and professional/academic background;
Motivation and enthusiasm in engaging in participatory democracy.

In addition, kindly note that:

The selection committee will follow a balanced approach to ensure that as many nationalities as possible and an equal gender representation will be represented at the Agora.

Timing of selection
Applications will open in:

2020/03/01 08:39:21

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